About us

Zechen was established in 2010. We are a manufacturer focusing on the metal processing & metal product design. 

Our equipment capacity covers the stamping & CNC process.  Our equipments include:

  •  100 tons punch machine: 1 set

  • 80 tons punch machine:2 sets

  • 60 tons punch machine: 1 set

  • 45 tons punch machine: 3 sets

  • 35 tons punch machine:4 sets

  • CNC machining center: 11 sets

  • 850 machining center: 4 sets

  • 650 machining center: 4 sets

  • 700 drilling & tapping center: 3 sets

ZeChen have our own design center & the manufacturing workshop.  Our current business covers the molding development & the product manufacturing.  Our products includes the sporting equipments, stainless steel accessories,  metal brackets, Al heat sinks, keyboard accessories.

Welcome to contact us if you have any idea of your products and are looking for a manufacturer. We will try our best to serve you with the best cost & quality & delivery schedule. 






Contact Us

Contact: ZECHEN

Phone: 13415967307


E-mail: postmaster@chzmetal.com

Add: Guantai RD, Houjie Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong ,China